What Industries Does a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Accelerate?

What Industries Does a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Accelerate?

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Digitalization is a well known process for most of the companies. In this process, they create a lot of files that are at utmost importance for them since they put a lot of effort, money and resources into creating them. These usually are logos, PDFs, images, campaign documents, presentations and more, in short: digital assets. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that these assets are safe, well organized and people really use them? Luckily we have the answer for you!

Let’s find out together, why companies need a DAM instead of a standard cloud storage solution!

Why use DAM?

Most of the standard storage solutions like SharePoint, Google Drive or Dropbox are perfect for ingesting large amounts of files, grant you some tagging capabilities and tools for internal collaboration. However when it comes to planning, creating, organizing and coordinating files, these solutions fall short, and this is where a DAM shines. It gives you power over all your digital assets with strong taxonomy, workflow and access management. Allows marketing and creative teams to deliver against accelerating development cycles with transparency and efficiency. Also, it offers you insights and stats on how your assets are doing, so you can make future decisions faster and smarter.

Who is DAM for?

All the studies show that customers expect consistency and continuity in all their interactions with a brand. This is true for companies of all shapes and sizes. So the question really is: how do you make sure that this happens all the time with all your employees, branches and external collaborators? In the world of DAM this is only a few clicks away. So let’s see a few use cases from different industries:


It is a highly competitive industry, which needs fast, clear and effective communication inside and out of the organization. This is impossible if files are scattered, information is jammed and there are no clear rules.

A DAM acts like the single source of truth, where teams can align their content, brand assets and templates that are important for creating and sharing on-brand materials.

Retail & eCommerce

Professional product photos are a must to convince customers to buy from you. Since they are business-critical, creating them uses a lot of resources. As these companies grow the complexity of digital asset creation grows with them.

A DAM offers a great solution to manage the creation and distribution of brand content, even when both internal and external stakeholders are involved while maintaining consistency on every channel.

Manufacturing and Logistics

These two industries talk to their consumers through partners, distributors and retailers. But how can they make sure that all available information like product details, photos, collaterals is accurate and up-to-date?

DAM is a one-stop shop for all the information one needs about the products and services. With high focus on digital asset life-cycle management and smart search, it is easy to find the right file.

Real Estate and Constructions

These industries attract their clients through visual experiences like property photos and video tours.  These large files need to be available all the time, well structured, easily searchable for the sales teams, even when they are on the road.

Upload, collect, distribute content or showcase them in a dedicated webpage for the maximum effect, all within the DAM. Moreover, you can see from the statistics which asset is doing well and which needs more sales efforts.


How to facilitate student engagement, funding and recruitment? -these questions often pop up in these circles. Nowadays everybody is online, so visual assets moved there as well. It is easier than ever to create a large amount of content, thus harder than ever to control them, especially when there are so many channels and contributors to handle, and only a small team to cope with all the requests.

A good DAM saves time for this small team through automatization, file-level access, asset lifecycle management, self-service and workflows that eliminate duplicates.


In this segment competition is fierce. Great quality content are not enough, agencies need to be the best partners for the client as well. For this, they need fast turnaround times, seamless communication channels with the clients and creators, and easy access to project materials for stakeholders, anytime.

Digital asset management does exactly this, moreover if granted access the clients can tag files, make collections of their favorite assets or customize the pre-designed PDFs to their liking, all within the DAM.


The most important assets of a franchise are the brand and the know-how. Communicating these to a franchisee and keeping them updated is crucial for the business.

In a DAM admins gain full control over their assets: which business can see what, so everybody can be sure that what they find in the system is the most relevant document. It’s also easy to make localized promotions through the PDF template editor, where only the approved parts can be changed, so everything else stays within the brand guidelines.


It is common that hotel chains or travel agencies manage multiple products and services in multiple locations. This means that they have to juggle between global and local digital assets, and time is not something that they can waste.

Consolidate all the siloed collections to find the right pictures of your own premises, link them to the global documentations and create a localized presentation with them. A DAM accelerates collaboration within the organization, so hospitality managers can have more time for the guests.


This sector cannot let any digital asset leak out of the organization. High security and access rights for any digital content is a must. A DAM software born in the cloud can offer state of the art security, moreover, the admins will be able to control each file separately with strict permissions, confidentiality tags and workflows, so they can automate and monitor the life of every digital asset.

Is DAM for you?

Due to limited space, we listed just a few examples of which industry DAM fits, but one thing is for sure: DAM is a cross-industry solution.

So does your company need it? Let the numbers from this study speak for themselves: only 28% of marketers’ time is spent doing the job they were hired to do, and they spend more than 4 hours on average each day on low-value tasks. This is not a good sign for businesses and probably marketers get demotivated as well.

Give them back some time to be more productive, and let your DAM handle that your assets are used (properly), shared easily and brand compliant.

Feel free to contact the brahms® team, to see how our DAM can facilitate your content management.

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