In modern times, a big part of a company’s image relies in the digital world.
To shape their digital footprint, companies must create their own digital assets.
It is normal to expect that these assets enhance the corporate image and brand.
This is how brahms® helps organizations create, shape, and derive
value through their brand:

Digital assets stored in one place, as single source of truth


Everybody in your organization creates files on a daily basis, and these are scattered in multiple storage places. Would you say those places are safe, compliant or visible for others?

brahms® is the repository where everybody can store files, access them from multiple devices, and never lose them again.


Folders are good, but they represent only an individual’s
point of view. If somebody wants to use the same
document elsewhere they need to create a duplicate.
What if you must change the whole folder-structure?
Or, what if the IT guy who understands it all leaves?
This is madness!

Happily, brahms® lets you use metadata tags
to categorize every file exactly how it is needed!
It is simple, logical, and easy to use.
The best: it works even without the IT guy’s help!

Organize, tag, manage and group your digital assets, even in bulk.
Access to digital assets can be granted with respect to hierarchical permissions, based on the company's organizational chart.


“No, you were not supposed to use that file!” But now it’s too late. The file is sent, the offer is there, the campaign is ruined.

Avoid this, by managing who can see,
access or modify a certain content.
brahms® can map your organizational chart onto
digital asset-level rights so you never have to worry
again about unintended information access
in- and outside of your organization.

The brahms cloud is fully secured and only authorized people can access it after authentication. Confidential assets cannot be shared by mistake.


A flash-drive can be lost. An individual computer can be hacked. Your own server can be down.
This is security only by luck. What now?

Bring your files into your own brahms® cloud and
ensure full data security.
Your employees can only access files after authentication, based on single sign on technology.
Also, there is a lock option, so confidential files are impossible to share.


Files are getting bigger, but e-mail size limits are not.
And if one file is not enough to tell the story,
how do you send 10 or even more?

Just create a Collection in brahms® and send a personalized link to whom you choose.
With brahms® you can even set a time-limit to your link and never worry again that outdated information is still accessible for your content consumers.

Protect your brand image by using the brahms online PDF editor, where you can create and manage templates.


“That’s our logo from 2010. That presentation has last year’s product portfolio. And these are not even our colors!” You announced all the changes, but nobody is listening apparently.

Gain control over such scenarios by using the
brahms® PDF Template Editor.
All you need to do is to imagine the new look, set it, and the system makes sure everybody uses it.
There’s more: you do not need an expensive software to do this, all is built in.


Anne is on holiday.
The colleagues abroad are still asleep.
The meeting starts in 5 minutes, but the file is missing.
Will you lose the tender because of this?

No worries, you can reach any document,
any time on any smart device!

brahms is a digital asset management system designed for- and born in the cloud, so it has high security, reliability and uptime.
Design and manage your personalized workflows that automatically control approvals and requests in the background.


You need to avoid duplicates. But you also need people to contribute. So you need some sort of control.
This means another time consuming task of approval processes. Right?

Not, if you are using brahms® automated workflows.
You set it up once, and it works in the background.
Fast approvals and requests are just one click away.


Okay, you have created a file or collection with some product demo and prices. Hard work!
You have sent it out to colleagues and external users.
But was it useful? Did they open it?
Who downloaded it? Should you send it out again?

This information is crucial for your future decisions.
Learn about these and more with brahms® dashboards!

Make smart decisions with the system usage dashboard. Get insights and statistical reports on user activity, asset, webpage, collection and share data.
Create a mini website in minutes, without any programming skills. You can add videos, links, relevant assets.


Sometimes a file, metadata or collection is not enough to communicate internally the main message for a campaign, branding, product line.

With brahms®, you can create a mini website in minutes, without any programming skills. You can add videos, links, relevant assets. Also a pop-up message will let everybody know that you posted some important news.