3 ways to avoid content bottlenecks

3 ways to avoid content bottlenecks

Marketers want to create worthy, value-rich content for their brand, which takes time and effort. However the appetite for digital assets seems to be infinite. This gap between demand and content delivery capabilities is called the Content Bottleneck.

As only 8% of B2B marketers are confident that their marketing workflows are efficient enough to deliver content fast, there is a need to clear up these roadblocks. Here are three tips, how you can do it:

1. Solving the collaboration issues: from technical point of view the content lifecycle usually is straightforward. But usually when creating a digital asset there are multiple stakeholders involved, moreover you don’t manage only a single content at a time, which also complicates the matter. You may not be able to reduce the number of people that need to approve (e.g., legal, IT, copywriting) before publishing, but what you certainly can do is to have a clear workflow, which automatically handles requests. This way the process is faster, leaner and gives you back precious time.

2. Examine published content statistics: this topic is often neglected, mostly because marketers are busy creating new content. However we, at brahms® believe that statistics can help you decide what content to create next and in which direction to steer your team. Spend time creating those sort of digital assets that you know for a fact that work with you company and clients, and don’t waste your energy on those that got no traction.

3. Automate personalization requests: one personalization request per week is fine, but as your company grows this number grows with it, not mentioning the increase in brand complexity and responsibility. To avoid chaos, you need to scale up this process, while keeping the control over your brand. This is exactly what PDF templates are here for: create a template, set parts that others can modify and when they are done with the personalization, you just need to approve it.

Marketers strive to give the audience the right content in the right time. However it is easy to lose control if there are bottlenecks on the way to your success. By introducing these three easy tips, brahms® is here to help brands in all sizes and industries.