Finding instead of searching – turning computer files into digital assets

Finding instead of searching – turning computer files into digital assets

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A thorough GISTICS® research audit which targeted the digital files firms create, revealed that only a small percentage of those files have a reasonable potential for reuse. Yet another GISTICS® research covering thousands of media-producing firms revealed that the systematic reuse of preexisting media and related digital objects can significantly reduce costs, and dramatically improve time-to-market.

It seems obvious that the enterprise-wide implementation of a digital-reuse strategy depends fundamentally on the introduction of a particular asset type: the digital master. As the name suggests, this asset represents a file on which the creator expended extra effort to ensure a high-degree of reusability.

brahms® very much embraces this concept and aims to provide a platform which enables its users to quickly and easily locate and retrieve digital assets. The system reduces time-waste by introducing a tagging- and category-based intelligent search function.

Furthermore, brahms® puts the tools which are necessary to create such assets in the hands of the creator: creating editable digital templates for use by the user-community has never been easier. On top, editing and creating localized copies of these reusable assets takes place in the browser without leaving brahms® which means that the annoying and confusing switching between several different systems is no longer a factor in the creative process.

Finally, brahms® makes sure that intellectual property rights are protected and that the created assets reach only the intended audience. For this, the platform features a sophisticated internal- and external-sharing mechanism which can produce usage- and popularity-statistics if needed. The sharing mechanism is supported by a workflow-system which can be customized based on the clients’ needs.

Finding instead of searching – turning computer files into digital assets.

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