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Is your brand fast enough to catch the competition?

In today’s world, the competition in digital is vicious, so there is huge pressure on marketers and decision-makers. Reaching the KPIs seems to get harder every day, even if there is no limit in the budget. So what could be the root of this? Here’s a quick story: let’s say you and your competitor want to climb the same mountain. They had the chance to start before dawn when there was almost nobody on the trails. By morning they are…

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What Industries Does a Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Accelerate?

Digitalization is a well known process for most of the companies. In this process, they create a lot of files that are at utmost importance for them since they put a lot of effort, money and resources into creating them. These usually are logos, PDFs, images, campaign documents, presentations and more, in short: digital assets. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that these assets are safe, well organized and people really use them? Luckily we have the answer for you!…


Who is afraid of digitalization?

Digital Asset Management with brahms® As digitalization and digital transformation are becoming very fashionable business-buzzwords of the current times, the number of companies who regard these processes as a challenge is ever increasing. Since digitalization is regarded as a key factor for staying competitive, the pressure to clean-up the digital-chaos and replace it with tidy processes and clean-cut digital-ownership structures is almost permanent. Nevertheless, organizations – understandably – shy away from such a transformation project, since the complexities resulting from…