AI generated content is here! Are you ready? [updated]

AI generated content is here! Are you ready? [updated]

One of the most important human traits is creativity. When it comes to job security the majority of research says that creative jobs are safe from the rapidly developing AI. But is it? OpenAI already has a software called Dall•E 2, that creates breathtaking images and art from a description in natural language.

Imagine that you could create your next campaign design by simply telling the AI your ideas, and it comes up with multiple versions for you to choose from in seconds (not days or weeks). And don’t think it only has a few ideas or is limited to only a few concepts. It can create connections between different topics, concepts and even art styles. So if you need two avocados wearing sunglasses at a party, you got it! Want a boat rowing in the sunset in the impressionist style, say no more!

So, does this mean that creatives should start looking for new jobs? Well, we say: no. There are some shortcomings and limitations to what AI can do. For instance, is not yet good with inscriptions. And even though with time probably it will get better, it still needs people’s instructions on what to do, so it is aligned with company strategy, culture and purpose.
It’s similar to the 3D printer revolution: at first, we thought that many engineering and mechanist jobs will be lost to it, but as it turned out it created more jobs, since the process of prototyping got faster so more workforce was needed to tackle the increased needs. Also, it opened up new markets and fields of research.

We may not know exactly how AI will influence a marketer’s and creative’s life, but we are certain, that it will bring the highly sought-after personalized marketing (as Raja Rajamannar, CMO at Mastercard puts it: quantum marketing) into life. As more and more companies will have access to this technology the amount of content will increase significantly. This opportunity however will bring some drawbacks, since keeping a strong brand and customer loyalty afloat in the sea of data will be harder than ever. That is if not handled appropriately.

Do you think your brand and colleagues are prepared for this? You are not sure? Write to us and we help you find the answer for tomorrow’s issues, today. We also help you build future-proof marketing workflows and digital asset management.


It’s been only a couple of weeks since OpenAI released DALL-E 2, and now we have a competitor in sight: none other than Google.

Their project is called Imagen ( and has some advanced features that OpenAI did not have yet.
So in no more than 2 months, we have already seen important improvements in the technology. Not 2 years, 2 months!
At this pace, it is not farfetched to say that we are closing in fast to a brand and style “war” in the text-to-art business. Who knows, maybe people will be split into two groups and chose between products based on what AI-generated image they like. Maybe AI will define new directions in marketing. Maybe brand competition like Nike vs Adidas, Coca-Cola vs Pepsi, or Apple vs Samsung will be shaken up by new marketing strategies, that people just could not think of until now.

What we know for sure, is we better get prepared and sort out our existing digital assets now, until we don’t need to compete with AI. There’s no time to waste.

To ease up a bit the mood, here’s a greek statue of a man tripping over a cat, generated by the two companies. Which one do you like? What do you think, about how this technology will change our lives?