Who is afraid of digitalization?

Who is afraid of digitalization?

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Digital Asset Management with brahms®

As digitalization and digital transformation are becoming very fashionable business-buzzwords of the current times, the number of companies who regard these processes as a challenge is ever increasing. Since digitalization is regarded as a key factor for staying competitive, the pressure to clean-up the digital-chaos and replace it with tidy processes and clean-cut digital-ownership structures is almost permanent. Nevertheless, organizations – understandably – shy away from such a transformation project, since the complexities resulting from a high-number of digital-assets and asset-sources and the lack of clear digital-ownership structures are not to be underestimated.

However, there is hope for all who are ready to take on the digital journey. brahms® understands the challenges posed by the digital transformation and is ready to respond to them. The mission of brahms® as a platform is to enable companies to execute their digital transformation in a straightforward manner.

In order to achieve this, brahms® offers a state of the art migration process through which the digital assets coming from various data-sources are channeled towards the new platform and cleaned-up/structured in a manner that a so-called “single source of digital-truth” emerges as an end-result. Furthermore, the contents available through brahms® are accessible, editable, publishable, and sharable via a simple web-browser which ensures, that contents available in brahms® can be accessed from a desktop, laptop or even a mobile-device if needed. As a result, the internal- and external brand-experience becomes consistent at any time – this has a massively positive impact on the business-strategy execution.

How important is all of this? Only six out of ten marketers think that their company’s brand is well aligned with the strategic direction of their organization according to The Chartered Institute of Marketing. Let us introduce you to the brahms® Digital Asset Management System that helps you solve this challenge; in case you are one of these firms.

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