Did you know that consistent presentation of a brand increases revenue by 23% on average?
Have you ever though about how much resources you waste because of digital asset mismanagement? 

Although it is impossible to find an exact sum, there are some clear rule of thumb calculations that help  find out how much time and money you can save with brahms®. Below we did the math for an organization where 100 employees are involved in digital assets, with an average salary of 1000 euros. 

Quantitative factors* 

File searching and gathering time: save 114 000euros/year 
up to 19% of worktime of the employees who are involved with digital assets (marketing, sales, HR, product management etc.). With brahms® smart search you can halve this time! 

Time to prepare ONE new major account presentation per month: save up to  6 000 euros/year 
this task takes on average 1.25 hours manually, but with automated help, like the brahms® Template Manager, you can reduce this by 73%, to 0.33 hours. 

Paying for creative licenses: save more than 2 400 euros/year 
if you need to create a brand consistent PDF, you need specialized tools, that can cost 20+ eur/month/user. With brahms®, everybody gets a built-in PDF Template Editor. 

Duplications, data quality: save up to 1 500 euros/year 
if you or your colleagues don’t find a file, you spend time recreating it, which takes at least 30 minutes. brahms® has the latest files at your fingertips, so no need to recreate them. 

Requests fulfillment: save at least 550 euros/year 
involving other colleagues when in need of a file or approval creates unproductive time of at least 5 minutes/request. brahms® is fully self service and has Workflow Management, so no need to waste other’s time. 

Non quantitative factors 

Wasting money is one thing, but risking brand, image and security is another. Here are some red-flags with no price tag, what brahms® can help you eliminate: 

  • If a file is lost or not used, it’s value for the company is lost as well 
  • Lack of brand consistency can weaken the company’s internal and external reputation 
  • Using not up-to-date content creates misunderstandings 
  • Legal effects on sending out confidential documents 
  • Financial damage on using not relevant or expired documents (like discounts, not yet launched campaigns) 

*our calculations are based on research data from market leaders like McKinseyGISTICS and Circle Research.